Crystal - female

Hedgehog Price: $50
Hedgehog Gender: Female
Hedgehog Age: 9 Weeks
Pet Breed: African Pygmy Hedgehog
Birth Certificate Available
Full Vet Records Available
1 Year Health Guarantee

Baby Pet Hedgehog For Sale Online

Crystal Is One Of Our Beautiful Hedgehogs For Sale Under $50, We Will Tell You All About Her In This Short Description

Crystal is one of the many female baby hedgehogs we have for sale online on our site today, she has been well-socialized, well-trained, well-handed, healthy, and ready to join her new family. If you are interested in her then contact us right away using the inquiry button above in order to stand a chance to be the one to take her home.

Because we want to make sure our baby hedgehogs on sale do not just go to anyone who is unable to adequately provide for these beautiful pets, we go through a rigorous screening process of picking who should take home one of our beautiful hedgehogs for sale under $50.

As already mentioned above, this baby hedgehog for sale is still young at just 9 weeks old, giving her new family more time than enough time to build a solid and lasting bond with her. She is also one of the most affordable hedgehogs you will find for sale anywhere online, Crystal costs just $50, that is not a fluke, it is her actual price. 

To top it all off this cute hedgie has a 1-year health guarantee and will come along with her full vet records and birth certificate. 

About Crystal’s Feeding, One Of Our Hedgehogs For Sale In Ohio

Crystal can be considered a hedgehog for sale in Ohio even though we are not located in the state of Ohio, we are able to ship all over the country in just a few hours in some cases. With a 100% success rate clients can be confident and comfortable with the process. 

When it comes to feeding, earthworms and other insects such as crickets and cockroaches should be periodically added to her diet. Since pet hedgies can often suffer from obesity, foods high in fats should be avoided, keeping it below 10% will be best.

Hedgehog kibble or cat food can be offered daily, strong foods such as carrots and peanuts should be avoided. If there is any food you are uncertain about, you should either reach out to us or contact your vet. Better be safe than sorry. 

Fruits and vegetables can also be incorporated into her diet such as bananas, apples, pears, and berries. Click here to read some more so you are more confident about Crystal our hedgehog for sale under $50.